A point of view: about Flickr

b: I am curious about your statement that ‘flickr is paralized and trying to re-define itself’: why do you think so? A few months ago, when you were promoting google+ as the ‘next big thing’ I remember that you were also supporting somebody’s discussion in one of the groups that Flickr was “dead’. What is according to you the good thing about Flickr that still keeps you active here?

fp: Yes, I think so. Flickr used to be a photographic meeting point back in 2004 (!) when there weren’t many more options of this kind, but it practically didn’t change anything since then and these days´ scenario is completely different.

I don´t know which’ll be the ‘next big thing’ and I don’t care much about it. I try to use all of them but Flickr isn’t special for any reason anymore. The very little changes they’ve introduced lately are a pity… I can’t even control the look of my uploaded images unless I decide to use only very small ones.

Look at this week’s Flickr announcement:


They’re conscious of the generalized mood about this.

It’s not just a “personal opinion”.

b: thanks for your answer, Fernando. The images you added about this week’s announcements are not visible and I couldn’t find them on my home page, would you mind to send me the link?

May I ask what kind of changes/improvements would you like to see here? What do you mean by ‘these days scenario is completely different’ ?

fp: (Images fixed)
They already choose other social tools to announce important things…
I don´t care enough about that to think seriously on what exactly Flickr should change. But it”s not flexible, it’s not social, it’s does not provide a superior image quality, etc. The whole platform should be built again. For instance, I couldn’t even upload these above two Flickrimages from an iPad because most of Flickr’s interface still remains on Flash architecture, without any other option.

b: I am surprised that you call Flickr ‘not social’, because commenting/socializing via/about images has always been very active here both individually and in some group’s discussion threads. So far as I could notice, many image related sites communicate strictly via favoring.

Which sites do you think have ‘superior’ image quality?

fp: Most of the image related sites have the same: comments, faves, groups, contacts & tags. Flickr is also not special there.

Some things I think right now a real photographic site should have nowadays:
-a customized system of push notifications,
-the ability to follow and block users without having to be reciprocal contacts,
-the possibility of embedding in a custom way any kind of content,
-an accessible universal platform,
-a real mobile edition of its website,
-a respectful html code on description and comments fields,
-the choice of liquid, flexible or fixed width for any image presentation,
-the ability for interested users to open and run contests of any kind based on tags,
-a non-chronological order of stream images,
-the possibility of non-compression jpg, png or tff files if you upload them in real hi-res,
-a real control of an image metadata,
-more privacy options,
-hot linking prevention,
-customized permalinks,
-a dedicated downloadable app to completely manage galleries,

Maybe I’ll ask Marissa for a commission (!)

b: interesting … I agree with the most of these proposals, but some are not so clear:
– the ability to follow and block users without having to be reciprocal contacts
(but we can already block any user regardless if they are contacts … what’s the difference that you suggest?)
– the possibility of embedding in a custom way any kind of content
(in the commenting space?)
– an accessible universal platform
(what’s that good for?)
– a non-chronological order of stream images
(to change order of uploaded images in the stream is already possible by adjusting of the date of posting … )
– more privacy options
(any suggestions?)
– hot linking prevention
(that’s already possible to control)
I would also like add the following:
– possibility of the slideshow viewing for Flickr galleries
– option of viewing images in by-artist-determined-size on totally white or black background, as on bighugelabs
– absolutely no access to all sizes of the photo if the artist decides so !
– get out the favoring notifications that are mentioned between the comments to avoid too much scrolling-very long pages
– better stats, especially more details about ‘unknown source’ of some views
– possibility to apply various themes to the page layout, like on Tumblr or WP

Btw, why don’t you post this issue about suggestions for Flickr improvement in YSE discussion thread? It might be interesting to see what will our friends say about it. If Flickr is willing to make some improvements, they might like to hear what the members think about it

fp: You’re right, it’s not necessary the ability to follow and/or block and I agree with the other suggestions.

About the rest:
-Yes, to embed in the commenting and descriptions space and to choose miniatures.
-An accessible platform for all kind of users. Every day, most and most users “use” internet via non-pc non-desktop devices. Flash is also not user friendly for eye-disfunctions.
-A non-chronological order. I don’t want to change the date of a picture if I want to alter or privilege another sort of images order.



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