Ensems, first coupleObjetos Sujetos (dos grabados coleccionables y un libro, de Prats/Ruibal)Objects Subjects (two collectable engravings and a book by Prats/Ruibal)Objectes Subjectes (dos gravats col.leccionables i un llibre per Prats/Ruibal)Ensems, second coupleEnsems, third couple
Needle and threadPrats/Ruibalruibalxprats10ruibalxprats9ruibalxprats1ruibalxprats6
ruibalxprats8ruibalxprats4ruibalxprats2ruibalxprats3ruibalxprats5"Below the surface..." goes to Brooklyn

Prats/Ruibal, a set on Flickr.

It’s not easy to find the point of convergence between two individual creative activities. Even less so if they are owned by two artists who are not tied by a previous friendship, work, or even social relationship. But new communication technologies have built, in this case, a bridge, creating a virtual space for an initial exchange that developed into sporadic collaboration, to finally consolidate the commitment to a shared project by virtue of some similarity in the aesthetic options and an evident coincidence in the way of postulating their respective works.
Thus, the key, in the case of Prats and Ruibal, lies probably in the eye, in both eyes, which, while different, are coincident in their way of refusing to follow flashy shortcuts, of sharing an atmosphere of remote self-inflicted irony, in their elusive and, at the same time, rigorous means. All this could lead, as indeed has happened, to a tacit understanding that would yield tangible results in the field of artistic endeavor, this understanding staged in a shared work in which neither of them loses his own identity, but manage to propose fruitfull and emerging complicity. It remains to be seen how this story follows, with its auspicious start and its first results materialized here.

Ongoing projects.

Carrying out a shared work, particularly in an artistic field, requires an initial sounding out between the parties (in this case Prats and Ruibal), a mutual, progressive knowledge, full of uncertainties and unknowns about the course of the immediate. As the experience consolidates, one of two things is likely to happen: either a more or less mild disappointment at the evidence of an impossible agreement, or a progressive joy towards the certainty of common logic.
It is clear that in speaking of our friends Fernando and Miguel, we are faced with the second option, because their projects multiply, and why not, diversify.
The “ENSEMS” folder is already followed by the two collectable original prints and the book “OBJECTS SUBJECTS”, and after this, a sum of ideas that, still in folder or already in progress, are waiting to be revealed. Soon, we will release news on future artistic endeavors by our friends.



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